SEW EURODRIVE put their confidence in the DANOBAT vertical lathe TV-1500 for machining gearmotor´s gears

Today on Lathes 15. Nov, 2013 3 Comments

TV vertical lathe

DANOBAT in his will to solve customer’s problems, analysed jointly with SEW EURODRIVE their problems with the machining of the gearmotor’s gears. The proposed solution was based on TV-1500 vertical lathes. The TV-1500 vertical turning machine is a machine designed for parts up to Ø1500 and big material removal, with a maximun torque of 40.000 […]

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DANOBAT & LUCCHINI, the perfect partnership for the most advanced railway axle line PART II

Today on Lathes 05. Nov, 2013 0 Comments

Q: Why did LUCCHINI SP choose DANOBAT as its partner for such a complex and important project? Zaverio Tignonsini: Setting up an automatic line for high- speed train axle manufacturing is an extremely complex project, and LUCCHINI SP wished to work with a partner with experience in the sector who would adapt to our needs […]

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DANOBAT & LUCCHINI, the perfect partnership for the most advanced railway axle line PART I

Today on Lathes 24. Oct, 2013 1 Comment

LMF3 line at Lucchini SP

DANOBAT has created for LUCCHINI RS a new automatic line for machining and testing railway axles, mainly for high-speed trains. This investment forms part of a long-term plan for renovation of the Lovere plant, geared to innovation of products and processes that are essential for maintaining international leadership. The project was completed in record time, […]

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Design of DANOBAT VTC vertical lathe for machining bearing races

Application of Vertical Turning Centers, Today on Lathes 10. Jun, 2013 2 Comments

Bearing on vertical lathe

DANOBAT has designed a specific vertical lathe for precision turning applications on bearing races. Major machining forces are required for this application (rough machining of forged rings) as well as high turning precision (finishing operations). To meet these requirements, DANOBAT offers a range of  VTC vertical turning centers. These are the main features: Compact and […]

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Danobat Vertical Lathes, Today on Lathes 30. May, 2013 0 Comments

vertical lathe at open house

DANOBAT 10th OPEN HOUSE will be held from 4th to the 6th of June in its facilities in Elgoibar (Spain). It will be a unique opportunity to discover the latest developments in turning and grinding machines, to see the solutions that have been developed for reference customers in leading industries and to understand DANOBAT´s way […]

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Vertical lathes for machining gas and steam turbine housings

Application of Vertical Turning Centers, Today on Lathes 20. May, 2013 0 Comments

motor housing

The purpose of this post is to describe and present one the many part-applications of the vertical turning centres (VTC): Gas and steam turbine housings. In an environment where demand in the energy sector is in continuous growth, Danobat vertical lathes offer the capability to machine gas and steam turbine housings. The main advantage of […]

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HYDROSTATIC technological stamp in our Vertical Lathe

Danobat Vertical Lathes, Today on Lathes 07. May, 2013 0 Comments


For DANOBAT, geometrical accuracy is a key aspect in the operation of our large diameter VTC-H vertical turning centres, and it is here where our hydrostatic bearings provide differential value. The most notable advantages compared with other bearing technologies can be summarised in the following four main sections: Great accuracy of movement, both in linear […]

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Danobat Vertical Lathes, Today on Lathes 26. Apr, 2013 0 Comments


One of the applications where the VTC Vertical Turning Centre demonstrates all its capability is the machining of housings for aeronautical motor stators. Due to the large number of tools (fixed or motor driven) that can be mounted on its Ram (the machine can even be equipped with 2 Rams), the VTCs can cover a […]

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Application of Vertical Turning Centers, Today on Lathes 16. Apr, 2013 2 Comments


One of the operations carried out on DANOBAT vertical lathes is the threading operation. To ensure the best finish results, it is very important that the part positioning operation is carried out with maximum accuracy. For this, the machine is equipped with a high accuracy encoder on the C-axis and, in the VTC-H range, the […]

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STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: The four technology pillars of DANOBAT vertical lathes

Danobat Vertical Lathes, Today on Lathes 04. Apr, 2013 1 Comment

High accuracy

The state of the art technology of DANOBAT vertical lathes stand for the 4 pillars or strengths of DANOBAT vertical lathes. These are vertical lathe centres that incorporate cutting-edge technology based on these pillars: High Accuracy, Multi-Function, Thermal Expansion and Hydrostatic. High Accuracy: This technological label indicates that the DANOBAT vertical lathe is a machine […]

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